The Djangr Football Club is sponsoring the 1st Asian Cup Tournament on Sunday, May 24th at 10AM.

Place:  Oak Glen Park, 275 Old Tavern Road, Howell, NJ 07731

Food, Drinks and Merchandise will be available for purchase

Come out and cheer on the Djangr Team!!


9:00AM – seeding draw; 10:00AM – 1st Game; 11:30AM – 2nd Game; 1:00PM – 3rd Place Game;

2:30PM – Final Game; 4:00PM – Trophy/Awards


1st Place – $500, team trophy and team medals

2nd Place – team trophy

Golden Boot Trophy

Best Youth Player Trophy

If you are interested in competing in the tournament, here are the details:

Players must have Asian roots or by marriage

Team Entry Fee:  $400 per team (Cash) – food and drink tickets will be supplied to all players

Team Roster:  Player names, ages and numbers (open age roster)

ATHLETIC WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND HOLD- ASIAN CUP 2015 must be signed by every player in order to play in the tournament

Match Details:  30 minute half, one 10 minute overtime

If no winner after overtime, 5 penalty kicks and then sudden death

No golden ball, must play entire 10 min overtime

There will be three (3) Referees:  1 center ref, 2 side refs

Unlimited substitutions with referee permission

No Slide Tackling

Red Card- out of tournament

Yellow cards- not accumulating

Fighting-out of tournament and off premise

For additional information, please contact Naran Badushov at 732-670-6944

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