The Djangr Open team moves into the semi finals and will play at 9AM.  ** Their game will be on the turf field.

The Djangr Over 35 team will play for 3rd place tomorrow at 10AM.  Their game will be on grass.


***  For those who will be attending ***  

The paths to the fields are muddy from all the rain on Friday and Saturday.  Please wear appropriate shoes.

Be prepared for rapidly changing weather.  Friday and Saturday greeted us with a hot sun and then pouring cold rain.  Please bring sunscreen and rain gear.

If someone you know needs assistance with walking to the fields, there are golf carts available to bring them to the fields.  Please stop at the driveway to the soccer fields and speak with the parking attendants.

Lastly, bring coolers and drinks to socialize with fellow Kalmyks as we cheer on our teams in the semi-finals!!


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